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One moment can change your life!

by Jason Barnes

So you hear in some people's stories that they can trace back their success or their mindset change or wherever they are now as a person to one specific situation or incident that changed their lives. Keep in mind, I am only referencing positive situations or incidents. I kind of always thought this was silly. How can one moment change your life. Now, usually these moments are very small and insignificant. I’m not referring to something drastic like you won the lottery or you hit a huge promotion. It’s the smaller situations that some people mention like, “I read this line in a book”, “I read this book and it forever changed my life”, or “I listened to this podcast and completely changed my mindset.” Those situations are the ones that I didn’t necessarily believe had THAT big of an impact to completely change the course of someone’s life. UNTIL!

So in my previous business I had a client of mine whom we would talk during our sessions about random things; life, goals, relationships, work, etc. Conversation was always very productive and I always enjoyed it. We connected on many fronts and had similar goals in life. One day she had mentioned this book she had just read and it was so amazing and that she thought I would really like it. At first, I was kind of like, “Yea sure!” even though I wasn’t much of a reader and couldn’t remember the last time I had read a book for pleasure. She talked about the basics of the book and told me that she bought several copies and that she was going to give me one to keep. She was starting her journey on personal growth and wanted to share. The name of this book was Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kyosaki. I respected her enough to at least open the book and read the first chapter.

Fast forward 48 hours, the book was finished. I couldn’t put it down! I have never, ever not been able to put a book down. The book was primarily about the real estate business because that is how Robert gained most of his wealth but he said that the principals in the book are universal. This book changed my outlook on life and what is possible for me. It was after reading that book that I actually had an open mind when hearing Johnny Cox talk about his business with Symmetry. I owe my 180 degree life change for not only my business, but on a personal growth stand point as well, to that one client seeing something in me that I

didn’t see in myself at the time and recommending to me a great book. So yes, one book or one moment CAN have a huge impact on your life.

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