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The Importance of Conference

Updated: Feb 9, 2018

By Paul Esquivel

When Johnny asked me to contribute to this blog, I was honored. He and Ms. Cox have been a true light in my wife Brianne, my son Marcos and my life. He has mentored an old man who needed to learn change.

I chose to write on how impacting National Conference was for me. I was ready to detail the General meeting speakers, the breakout sessions and all of the lessons I learned. (There were hundreds!) I did not know how I would fit it all in the blog post.

How would I pick the most important thing?

Then, we meet at the hotel for the opening reception with all of the Cox Agency leaders, and new agents here at Nationals. It hit me quick and hard after an hour with these incredible promising people. THE MOST IMPORTANT KEY I FOUND AT CONFERENCE WAS:

Jason Barnes (IMPACT AWARD WINNER) - young driven wanting to change his and everyone he comes into contacts life. One of the best young men I have ever met.

Kerri Cox - here with her daughter, so proud of her it is all over her face.

Dustin Thompson- (my down line and first recruit) blowing up as a Agency builder. He is at Conference pouring into the new agents so selflessly I thank my God he is on our team.

Jason Dean - the best sales persona on our team, I talk with him, hear him and I see true natural talent. He also is so genuine and positive to those around him, it infects.

...and of Course.

Brianne - (IMPACT AWARD WINNER) the most incredible woman I know who just now has decided to grow the Cox Team. No one will stop here. She is incredible on phones and will give you all the time you need. 

The newer agents here this weekend have gained invaluable knowledge. They will fly and I find them all to be electric. (Topic for another blog.)

For those of you at home, you do not lose all by not being here. How? Plug in to these leaders above. Call them whenever you need help or motivation. They are all givers and love to help. LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE IS COMING HOME TO YOU. BE ON THE CALLS THESE NEXT WEEKS. CALL YOUR LEADER ON MONDAY! (Sorry leaders)

THERE IS NO “I” IN SYMMETRY. But there is a Jason’s, Kerri, Dustin, Brianne, Paul, Ms. Cox and Johnny. Let’s win together!

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